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Analysing Data with Power BI: Add This to Your Upskilling Cart

The world of business thrives on data analysis - it opens portals into crucial insights used as powerful indicators that assist in formulating many make-or-break strategies and decisions. Consequently, the demand for professionals that are skilled in data analytics has increased and tools that allow efficient data visualization such as Power BI have become industry standards.

Power BI is a cloud-based tool used to analyse, visualize and model data that helps you gather and transform comprehensive insights from large data sets. These insights give you the ability to create reports, dashboards and experiment with the visualizations to make data-driven decisions for business and career triumphs.

Power BI is a no-brainer addition to your acumen. Read on to understand why Power BI is essential for you, who this course is designed for and more about the course structure with Advanced Training.

Top 3 Reasons You Should be Signing Up for Power BI:

As employees across the globe are making continuous advancements in digitization and upskilling, you too want to make the best out of all the tools available that can bolster your career. Power BI energizes your data analysis capabilities, and we could give you many reasons why it needs to be on your professional bucket list. But here are 3 substantial benefits to look forward to:

1.       Leveraging the Power of the Finer Details of Data: Power BI has remarkable compression capabilities that allow you collate, extract, analyse and most importantly, visualize large datasets. There is no cutting down the size of your data or worrying about manual repetitions, Power BI unravels the finest details of data that you can leverage to increase the quality of your insights and decisions and improve overall productivity.

2.       Multi-projects and Multi-industry Transferability of Power BI Skills: Data visualization through Power BI is a much sought-after skill in a plethora of industries such as IT, Financial, Retail, Recruitment, Management Consultant, Hospitality and more. Power BI ensures your data analytics and business intelligence career fits like a glove into a wide range of projects and industries making you a well-rounded professional.

3.       A Dynamic Tool Powered by Microsoft: Microsoft's Power BI is a high-octane tool that has multitudinous facets - it can ingest data from virtually any source, connect to various software such as Salesforce and Google Analytics, has a new and improved visualization engine, allows you to create a dashboard with the data that you want to visualize, integrates seamlessly with Excel, PowerPoint etc and has an energetic online user community that you can be a part of to enhance or share your learnings. It's truly the best of many worlds.

Data Visualization Superstar in the Making:

Are you a data professional or a business intelligence professional eager to add data visualization and analysis skills? Or are you a professional from a dynamic industry like finance, hospitality, recruitment etc that creates visual reports from cloud/on-premises data platforms on the regular? Then 'Analysing Data with Power BI' is for you.

At Advanced Training, this 4-day course is delivered by Power BI trainers who will masterfully take you through the various methods and best practices of data modelling, visualizing and analysing through Power BI and enable you to become a data visualization superstar.

Get Started with Advanced Training:

What do we want you to bring to this course? Your experience and knowledge in core data concepts, relational and non-relational data in the cloud and data analysis and visualization concepts.

In turn, you can walk out of our classes with the skills to ingest, transform and model data to create data analysis reports and paginated reports (in Power BI) and perform advanced report analytics.

Click this link to find out more about the course and book your class now!