HDP Developers

HDP Security Training Course

This HDP security training course is designed for experienced IT administrators and operators who are responsible for installing, configuring and supporting Apache Hadoop clusters using authentication, authorisation, auditing and data protection strategies and tools.

Course Outcomes

  • Describe the 5 pillars of a secure environment
  • List the reasons why a secure environment is important
  • Explain how security is incorporated within Hadoop
  • Select the right security tool for specific uses
  • List security prerequisites
  • Configure Ambari security
  • Set up Ambari Views for controlled access
  • Describe Kerberos architecture and what it is used for
  • Install Kerberos
  • Configure Ambari and Hadoop for Kerberos
  • Enable Kerberos
  • Install and configure Apache Knox, Apache Ranger, and Ranger Key Management Services
  • Use Ranger to assure secure data access
  • Describe available partner security solutions

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