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Fast Track

Fast Track

Fast Track - Certification GUARANTEED!!!

The Fast Track is a seamless, integrated, flexible training solution that combines the best of fully mentored pre-course study, extensive hands-on labs and exam readiness techniques provided by the most experience trainer in exam readiness in Australia !

If choosing the full MCSE to MCITP track as an example, the Fast Track is an intensive two weeks of study, with a pre-course study period of 6 -8 weeks, during which you receive mentoring and guidance in preparation for the course ahead.

During the actual Fast Track, you will go through hands-on labs to ensure the practical knowledge required to pass each Microsoft exam. The labs help build on existing practice experience, while the instructors walk through the published certification criteria  and exam preparation techniques.

The end result of the Fast Track is Certification. Certification is the industry benchmark amongst IT professionals. Certification provides greater job prospects, higher income potential and globally recognised qualifications. Advanced Training GUARANTEES this Certification when you follow the recommended study plan. We have over a 98% pass rate on the first exam sit, and an overall 100% pass rate.

You will receive all your study materials as well, including Microsoft approved Self Paced Manuals creating your entire Library, Digital Videos with hours of Microsoft Networking and Simulation, and a study guide to reinforce and review. As a certified testing centre, all exams are taken at our premises during your weeks of study so that you walk out of the course certified with no further post course study required !
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Policy: If any participants fail to pass an exam, Advanced Training will pay for the next exam and allow them to re-sit that module of the course for FREE.

For the Server 2008 MCITP Certification Upgrade we are also including 3 days of instructor led training in the following topics:

  • Powershell Scripting
  • Virtualization - Hyper V
  • Clustering in Server 2008
  • Server 2008 Active Directory


MCSE 2003 to Server 2008 MCITP Enterprise Administrator

Week 1: Exam   70-649
Week 2: Exams  70-620, 70-647

MCSA 2003 to Server 2008 MCITP Server Administrator

Week 1: Exam   70-648
Week 2: Exam   70-646

MCSA 2003 to Server 2008 MCITP Enterprise Administrator

Week 1: Exam   70-648
Week 2: Exam   70-643
Week 3: Exams  70-620, 70-647



Major Differences to Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training Fast Track

No prior assistance pre course

Full mentoring by the actual trainer who liaises with the attending student on a weekly basis to prepare him/her for the course.


Receives the manual on the day of training

Manuals are sent to the student immediately once the booking is made in order to allow maximum pre-study time.


Training is conducted in accordance to Microsoft′s Official Curriculum, which is designed for skill and knowledge transfer - NOT CERTIFICATION.

A pre assessment test is sat to validate the readiness of the student.


No exam information is given during course.

Once the course commences, the student is coached to pass the exams.


No certification guarantee.

All labs and materials supplied is geared towards certification.


Course duration is 33 days

Exams are sat during the course. All exams are finished prior to course completion.


Students must then prepare for the exams in their own time with no exams hints or tips. This often results in several failed exams, which adds to the cost and time of post course study.

The student is away from work for only 15 days. This is normally the biggest factor as the cost of a replacement employee or the loss of potential revenue is significant. Example: Fast Track - 15 days x $1,000 per day = $15,000 ILT - 33 days x $1,000 per day = $33,000(SAVING $18,000)


Average time to prepare for the exam after sitting on the course is four weeks per exam. With nine exams that means that the student may not be completely certified for 36 weeks.

No post course study required. Students can then focus back on work, as they will be certified before they leave the course and companies can charge out at a higher rate if using a certified engineer.


Companies cannot immediately benefit from their engineer being certified. They cannot charge higher rates immediately and may not be eligible for Microsoft rebates until the engineer is certified.

Company will immediately benefit on any Microsoft rebates.


Stages of the Fast Track

Student Receives Self-Study Kit

Multiple media for faster skills transfer
The multiple media self-study program is used to prepare for the classroom labs. The amount of time in the classroom is reduced because all relevant knowledge and concepts are learned from the kit before attending class. Each learner is provided an individualized learning plan focused on specific exam criteria not yet mastered. The self-study kit is also extremely useful as reinforcement after the Fast Track is completed.

Mentoring Services

World-class support that guides the learner to success
During the crucial weeks before the Fast Track Labs are conducted, Advanced Training provides mentoring and guidance services to assist participants in completing the prerequisite study for the labs. These sessions are extended to after the Fast Track labs as well. Contact is made on a regular basis: over the phone, through the Internet, and in person, if possible. Advanced Training is committed to ensuring success.

Readiness Assessment

Benchmarks skills and guides instruction
Before attending the Fast Track Labs, each participant takes the Readiness Assessment. This assessment serves two purposes. First, it reinforces the importance of the prerequisite assignments. If participants do not complete these activities, their likelihood of success is greatly diminished. The second use of the Readiness Assessment is for the Fast Track Lab instructor. Trainers will be able to really understand the knowledge and skill level of each class and adjust their instruction accordingly.

Fast Track Labs

Real-world, hands-on experience with expert instructors
The labs emphasize exam preparation and practice exercises. Instructors walk through the published certification criteria, with exam tips and guidelines interspersed. Participants will receive hands-on experience to practice skills that are often tested in the exams. Debriefings are held after each certification exam to ensure the latest information is shared with present and future Fast Track participants. It is important to reinforce the fact that the labs will be successful only if the self-study prerequisite assignments have been completed.


Proof of technical expertise
The end result of the Fast Track is certification, and Advanced Training guarantees this outcome if participants follow the recommended study plan. Because the study preparation and Fast Track activities are intensive, we require participants to adhere to the study plan strictly in order to qualify for the guarantee. Given this level of participant commitment, Advanced Training is accountable for producing results and guaranteeing certification.