Test Yourself - Microsoft Word
Test Yourself - Microsoft Word

Training Needs Analysis for Microsoft Word

Please take your time to answer all of the questions below as accurately as possible. You must fill in all required contact details, which are marked with * character. Once your results have been submitted, an Account Manager from Advanced Training will contact you to discuss your results.
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  1.  Have you used or are you currently using a Word-Processor?  
  2.  Have you used the Help facility?  
  3.  Can you Copy & Move Information?  
  4.  Do you know how to adjust your Margins, Paper Size and Orientation?  
  5.  Can you Format your document by changing Fonts and Text Size, or apply Bold, Italics and Underline to areas of text?  
  6.  Can you modify your Ruler Settings?  
  7.  Can you Align Text?  
  8.  Have you set and used Tabs before?  
  9.  Can you Save and Open new and existing Documents?  
  10.  Can you use the Proofing Tools; Spell Check, Grammar, Thesaurus and AutoCorrect?  
  11.  Can you Find & Replace data on a document automatically?  
  12.  Can you specify the pages or areas you want to Print within your document?  
  13.  Can you Preview a document before printing?  
  14.  Can you apply a Header or Footer to a document?  
  15.  Can you apply Page Numbers to a document?  
  16.  Have you created and use an AutoText?  
  17.  Can you apply Borders and / or Shading to documents?  
  18.  Can you automatically Number paragraphs?  
  19.  Can you apply Bullet Points (default and customised bullets) to your text?  
  20.  Can you create and Format Tables within a document?  
  21.  Can you perform Sorts and Calculations within a Table?  
  22.  Do you know how to perform a Mail Merge?  
  23.  Can you insert a Table of Contents and / or Index into your document?  
  24.  Can you insert Bookmarks, Footnotes, Endnotes and Annotations into your document?  
  25.  Can you insert a Picture or Graphic in to your document?  
  26.  Can you create Newspaper style Columns in a document?  
  27.  Can you create and use Styles for headings?  
  28.  Have you created your own Template?  
  29.  Do you know what a Macro is?  
  30.  Can you create and edit a Macro?