Google Apps for Businesses

Course Objective

This course will allow you to communicate and collaborate with others using the various applications in Google Apps.


Basic computing skills, such as opening, closing, and saving documents; experience in web browsing, sending email, and handling attachments in mail; exposure to multiple web browsers.

Moreover, basic skills with Microsoft Office Suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook) are recommended but not mandatory.

Target Student

This course is for any individual who will use a computer to access and utilise Google’s online office productivity applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the basic features of Google Apps
  • communicate using Gmail
  • communicate using Gmail Chat and Google Talk
  • use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules
  • create and share documents and presentations using Google Docs
  • work with Google Spreadsheets and Forms
  • communicate and collaborate with others using Google Groups
  • create and customize a site using Google Sites
  • upload and share videos in Google Video

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Google Apps

Topic 1A: Introduction to Google Apps
Topic 1B: Log in to the Google Apps Domain
Topic 1C: Configure the Administrative Settings

Lesson 2: Communicating Using Gmail

Topic 2A: Introduction to Gmail
Topic 2B: Compose an Email
Topic 2C: Manage Email Messages
Topic 2D: Manage Contacts

Lesson 3: Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talk

Topic 3A: Communicate Using Gmail Chat
Topic 3B: Communicate Using Google Talk

Lesson 4: Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar

Topic 4A: Explore Google Calendar
Topic 4B: Schedule an Event
Topic 4C: Share a Calendar
Topic 4D: Search Calendars
Topic 4E: Create Task Lists

Lesson 5: Working with Google Documents and Presentations

Topic 5A: Introduction to Google Docs
Topic 5B: Create Word Documents
Topic 5C: Share Documents with Other Users
Topic 5D: Create Presentations
Topic 5E: Share Presentations with Other Users
Topic 5F: Create Drawings

Lesson 6: Working with Google Spreadsheets and Forms

Topic 6A: Create Spreadsheets
Topic 6B: Set Permissions and Notifications in Spreadsheets
Topic 6C: Create Forms

Lesson 7: Collaborating Using Google Groups

Topic 7A: Create Google Groups
Topic 7B: Initiate Discussions in Google Groups
Topic 7C: Subscribe to and Manage a Group
Topic 7D: Customize a Group

Lesson 8: Collaborating Using Google Sites

Topic 8A: Explore Google Sites
Topic 8B: Create a Site
Topic 8C: Edit a Site
Topic 8D: Manage a Site

Lesson 9: Working with Google Video

Topic 9A: Upload Videos
Topic 9B: Share Videos

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Course Info

  • Code: GAPPB
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: $845.45

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