(Retired) Planning, Deploying, and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging


This course provides information on planning and managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging (UM) deployments.

The course addresses such topics as new features, upgrading from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 UM to Exchange Server 2010 UM, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 integration, and tools and processes to support Unified Messaging planning, installation/setup, and implementation.


This course is intended for customers who have a prior understanding of Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging features and functionality. The course is also targeted at early adopters of Exchange Server 2010 who need information on new features, deployment concerns, prerequisites, and best practices. This includes Consultants, Architects, and IT Professionals in the field who need detailed information on the tools and processes available to support Exchange Unified Messaging.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • create a simple Silverlight 2/3 application based on the Visual Studio Silverlight application template

  • use existing user controls to create a user interface and customize their templates and styles to provide an optimal user experience

  • create Silverlight custom controls

  • use data binding mechanisms to populate controls with a data

  • consume existing WCF/Web services from Silverlight applications

  • communicate with the Silverlight hosting environment (HTML DOM).


To benefit from this course, students must have:
  • a thorough understanding of Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging features and functionality
  • an understanding of how to install and setup the Exchange Server 2010 Unified Messaging role
  • general familiarity with Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

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