(Retired) Programming in Visual Basic with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


This course teaches you Visual Basic language syntax, program structure, and implementation by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. This course provides a solid foundation in Visual Basic to the level necessary to enable students to attend other courses in the Technical Specialist tracks.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • describe the purpose of the .NET Framework, and explain how to use Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Studio 2010 to build .NET Framework applications
  • describe the syntax of basic Visual Basic programming constructs
  • describe how to create and call methods.Describe how to catch, handle, and throw exceptions
  • describe how to perform basic file I/O operations in a Visual Basic application
  • describe how to create and use new types (enumerations, classes, and structures), and explain the differences between reference types and value types
  • describe how to control the visibility and lifetime of members in a type
  • describe how to use inheritance to create new reference types
  • describe how to manage the lifetime of objects and control the use of resources
  • describe how to create properties and indexers to encapsulate data, and explain how to define operators for this data
  • describe how to decouple an operation from the method that implements it, and explain how to use these decoupled operations to handle asynchronous events
  • describe the purpose of collections, and explain how to use generics to implement type-safe collection classes, structures, interfaces, and methods
  • describe how to implement custom collection classes that support enumeration
  • describe how to query in-memory data by using Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) queries
  • describe how to integrate code written by using a dynamic language such as Ruby and Python, or technologies such as Component Object Model (COM), into a Visual Basic application.

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