Introduction to SQL Databases

“Staying ahead of the technological curve, this Microsoft course is due to retire on 30/12/2021 – Contact Us to discuss the new replacement course”


This three-day instructor-led course is aimed at people looking to move into a database professional role or whose job role is expanding to encompass database elements. The course describes fundamental database concepts including database types, database languages, and database designs.

Audience Profile

The primary audience for this course is people who are moving into a database role, or whose role has expanded to include database technologies.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • describe key database concepts in the context of SQL Server 2016
  • describe database languages used in SQL Server 2016
  • describe data modelling techniques
  • describe normalization and denormalisation techniques
  • describe relationship types and effects in database design
  • describe the effects of database design on performance
  • describe commonly used database objects.


  • This is a foundation level course and therefore only requires general computer literacy.

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