Performance Point 2010 Designing and Implementing Scorecards and Dashboards


This instructor-led course provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop Scorecards and Dashboards using PerformancePoint 2010 in their own work environment. The course covers design theory, different types of dashboards, planning, deployment and security. Each of the first class objects such as Indicators, KPIs, Filters, Data Sources, and interconnecting them into scorecards and combining scorecards into dashboards is covered in depth. In addition peripheral knowledge that greatly enhances the design experience is provided including an overview of the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, basic understanding of the hosting services for PerformancePoint 2010 which is SharePoint 2010, MDX queries and SQL Server Analysis Services.


After completing this course, students will gain the skills to:

  • discover, design and implement KPIs
  • understand the scoring methodologies used with indicators to change visual displays
  • decide on how to modify a scoring methodology
  • understand the role of SQL Server Analysis Services in measurement
  • be able to develop proper filters for easy end-user click to detail on dashboards
  • group Scorecards into Dashboards and link them together
  • modify the web page hosting the Dashboards for branding
  • implement Master Pages in Dashboards for consistency with company standards
  • develop multiple-valued KPIs
  • implement Time Intelligence features to query such as Year-To-Date, Last 6 Months etc.
  • use Excel Services and Excel Workbooks in Scorecards or as a data source
  • utilise the document management capabilities of SharePoint 2010 for PerformancePoint objects for versioning, document retention and reverting
  • understand team development methodologies with developing PerformancePoint to reuse existing objects or to segment projects
  • use workflows to approve scorecards and dashboards
  • develop Filters for Scorecards
  • use Dashboard Designer
  • work with views of SSAS Cubes to model data for proof of concept for KPIs
  • connect into Data Sources via data Connections
  • gain a generalized understanding of MDX to write basic queries
  • generate Visual Reports and tie them into Dashboards
  • utilise decomposition trees
  • understand the advantages of having SharePoint as a platform
  • use dynamic hierarchies in Scorecards
  • secure all PerformancePoint objects
  • implement User Menus in Scorecards.

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