Retired 31 June 2018. Introduction to Installing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007


At the end of this three-day course, students who are new to Microsoft Exchange Server will learn how

to configure and manage a messaging environment in accordance with technical requirements.

Students will learn how to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and manage routing, client access,

and the backup and restore of databases. They will also learn how to manage addressing and recipient

objects such as mailboxes, distribution groups, and contacts.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Working knowledge of Windows Server operating system. For example, how storage is configured, basic backup and restore techniques, and what a client/server application interaction means.
  • Working knowledge of network technologies. For example, what Transmission Control Protocol (TCPIP) and Domain Name System (DNS) do and how to use them, basic routing concepts (Wide Area Networks (WAN) vs. Local Area Network (LAN) router vs. switch vs. hub).
  • Working knowledge of Active Directory. For example, how user objects are managed, what is stored in Active Directory partitions, basic architectures (domain, forest, sites, etc.), and how domain controllers are managed. Also, site and site connector configuration, schema and configuration partitions, and Global Catalogs.
  • Conceptual understanding of e-mail technologies For example, that Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) is a protocol used for e-mail and the differences between transport protocols and client access protocols (Post Office Protocol (POP), Internet Access Message Protocol (IMAP), SMTP).


After completing this course, students will gain the skills to:

  • Describe how Exchange Server 2007 and the Active Directory directory service work together.
  • Install Exchange Server 2007.
  • Configure Mailbox server roles.
  • Manage recipient objects.
  • Manage e-mail and address lists.
  • Manage client access.
  • Manage Messaging Transport.
  • Manage availability, backup and recovery.
  • Maintain the messaging system.

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