Visualising Data with SharePoint 2013, Report Builder, PowerPivot & PowerView


What do we mean by no code? It is a matter of perspective. In today’s world the successful software vendor needs to develop software that is easily customisable by casual users. In the realm of business intelligence that means offering a variety of tools to different types of users that, depending on their experience, they can utilise to rapidly create the visualisation of data that suits their needs. Microsoft has produced a great array of such tools that target different users. These tools are variously Wizards, Dialog Boxes, Forms, Web Pages Designers and so forth. In this course we utilise the built in tools and do not write a single line of code!

No Code visualisation means using the data structures that exist already to get the job done. You don’t have the time or maybe the inclination to learn how to code but you need answers. The IT industry if you haven’t already noticed, is always working through a backlog but your business situation is dynamic and rapidly changing and will not wait for any backlog. In this course you will learn how to get those answers without submitting a request and waiting.


After completing this course, students will gain the skills to:

  • perform all of the actions and answer all of the questions listed in: Why this course may be for you

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