Managing trust relationships with multiple business identity providers (basics)

General Description

Decoupling cloud services from all the complexity by maintaining a direct relationship with all the identity providers is the topic of this course. Each identity provider can use its own authentication protocol and the authentication results will get normalised and once established will Access Control Services (ACS) care about authentication and authorisation including provisioning of a UI for the user to choose among all the recognized identity providers. Claims will be accessible for the application developer as well as for SSO IT Pros to establish easy authentication and/or authorization without the necessity to know authentication protocols in detail. Management of different and multiple business identity providers will be handled in a unique fashion without the necessity to write different code. This relationships is called ‘normalizing attributes’ and will be realized by you via the Azure Management APIs.


At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • establish an organizational Enterprise Security Service Bus
  • create a Relying Party •Establish ACS to delegate authentication
  • forward every request from unauthenticated users to ACS
  • broker authentication
  • change access rules in response to programmatic events
  • produce a securable resource
  • configure and code Input and Output claims transformation
  • broker Security Token Services from Yahoo and Microsoft
  • establish a tokenised communication between Azure Namespaces and WS-Federation sign-in endpoints
  • establish a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MAAD) as an (additional) identity provider for any application associated/interfacing with their namespace
  • create an Azure Identity Provider via Namespace association
  • establish Azure Active Directory data streams into Name Space connected Applications
  • register a MAAD Graph Database as an additional identity provider for a namespace that controls global access and SSO
  • execute basic steps to establish MAAD as an SSO identity providers for web application.

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: $2,391.00

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