Windows Azure Data Services (basics)

Course Description

This three-day course introduces into Windows Azure Storage consisting of features like tables, blobs, queues and drives and how these features can be used in combination between IaaS and PaaS as well as on-premise components and how Azure Storage can be combined with classic SQL concepts. New no-SQL storage mechanisms substitute relational database engines, ‘old’ terms like database and foreign keys are substituted with new paradigm changing concepts like collections of entities, primary keys providing data flow controls through datacenter, key/value pair constructs for metadata based mass structured data access, and binary data stores via Blob services. High performance, secure and reliable message handling for string, XML or binary content via Azure and Windows Azure Drives that allow you to read and write data to blob storage using standard file system functions will be explored from a developer, ITPro and end-user perspective.

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • handle programmatically secured massive storage for structured and unstructured data
  • code a PaaS communication pipeline 
  • converse programmatic a non-Azure Application to use cloud and on premise storage
  • create Programmatic Message storage and structured data retrieval from non-SQL mass data storage to Web Tier
  • create Content type coding for metadata contingent blob storage access VI. Retrieving Blob Data from Storage
  • establish programmatic metadata enrichments for Blobs (basics)
  • introduce Metadata contingent Blob handling
  • establish Programmatic Blob delete
  • establish Programmatic Blob copy
  • establish Programmatic safeguarding of Blobs from deleting
  • establish Programmatic message handling from Web app to log emulator via Microsoft Azure Queues (basics)
  • create the Initial Solution
  • code a PaaS communication pipeline
  • retrieving Messages from the Queue
  • establish a programmatic exposure of regular file system APIs as an Azure service (no-code integration for non-Azure apps).

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