Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn and High Availability


This course is designed for database administrators to familiarize them with the concepts in SQL AlwaysOn and High Availability. The course utilises SQL 2014, but explains the differences from SQL 2012.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for SQL DBAs and IT Professionals.

At Course Completion

  • understand and utilise AlwaysOn and high availability concepts and terminology.
  • understand edition changes from SQL 2012.
  • understand failover clusters.
  • understand log shipping.
  • understand replication.
  • understand database mirroring.
  • understand database snapshots.
  • understand SQL failover cluster implementation.
  • understand multi-site clustering.
  • understand flexible failover policy.
  • understand and utilise AlwaysOn.
  • understand node majority.
  • understand node and disk majority.
  • understand node and file share majority.
  • understand no majority.
  • understand configuration options.
  • understand and utilise quorums.
  • understand application failover.
  • understand availability groups.
  • understand availability replicas.
  • understand and utilise AlwaysOn availability groups.
  • understand active secondary replicas.
  • understand readable secondary replicas.
  • understand backups on secondary replicas.
  • understand and utilise secondary availability group actions.
  • understand how to monitor AlwaysOn Availability Groups.
  • understand how to utilise the Dashboard.
  • understand the tools available for troubleshooting.

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