Microsoft Power Automate for End Users


This course delivers an instructor-led product showcase for Microsoft Power Automate from start to finish in an engaging and practical way. Power Automate is a diverse product, turning business processes into automated, consistent and visual work. Power Automate is designed to interweave the various products in Office 365 as well as connect to other on-premises and web-based solutions. This course will give you the confidence to select the right actions to fully utilise Power Automate for your business.

Audience Profile

The intended audience for this course would be those who have been using Office 365 for some time and are now looking at optimising their existing business processes and designing new ones.


  • No previous experience with Power Automate is required


  • Understand when to use Power Automate
  • Describe the components of Power Automate and their correct use
  • How to create and edit Power Automates
  • Benefits of Power Automate
  • Integration with Power Automate

Onsite Training

If you need training for three or more people, ask us about training at your site. You can enjoy the convenience of reduced travel cost and time, as well as a familiar environment for your staff. Additionally, we can customise the course for your business needs.

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Course Info


  • Virtual Classroom AEDT
  • 15/11/2021 - 15/11/2021
  • 6/12/2021 - 6/12/2021
  • 21/01/2022 - 21/01/2022
  • 14/02/2022 - 14/02/2022
  • 25/03/2022 - 25/03/2022
  • 11/04/2022 - 11/04/2022
  • 16/05/2022 - 16/05/2022
  • 15/06/2022 - 15/06/2022
  • 11/07/2022 - 11/07/2022
  • 15/08/2022 - 15/08/2022

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