(Retired) Overview of Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009

Note: Course retired in DEC 2015


This three-day instructor-led/eLearning course introduces attendees to the major functional areas of Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009. Attendees learn how to get started using Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009; using Manager View and POS View; setting up their stores; managing items, inventory, employees, and customers; working with reports, and processing transactions. Attendees completing this course acquire a solid groundwork upon which to build more substantive knowledge of how Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 works.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the new features in Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009.
  • Get comfortable with the two main user interfaces of Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009: Manager View and POS View.
  • Understand what to do before installing Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 and how to install Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 in a one-computer store and a multiple-computer store.
  • Set up a store and its database.
  • Synchronize Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 with QuickBooks.
  • Manage price and costs to increase the profit margin.
  • Create purchase orders using the Purchase Order Wizard, then track, manage, and receive purchase orders using a variety of flexible processes.
  • Create inventory transfers with the Inventory Transfer Wizard and then use inventory transfers to move inventory into and out of the store without processing sales or purchase orders.
  • Create and manage employees.
  • Set store options, policies, and procedures to control employee workflow.
  • Manage and track customer information, such as purchase history, and generate reports on customer activity.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Customize POS View to suit employee preferences and needs.
  • Teach cashiers how to ring up items, total transactions, process orders, exchanges, returns, and discounts, as well as issue vouchers, cancel and void transactions, and look up a customer’s purchase history.

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  • Duration: 3 days
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