Multi Site Operations in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

-Retired (no longer available)


This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to set up and use all aspects of multisite functionality available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. This course demonstrates how to set up a consolidated company and its business units and how to perform a consolidation. The set up and use of the Intercompany Posting feature for companies that control more than one legal business entity is also described.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand instructions for set up demo data.
  • Explain the required setup in the consolidated company and subsidiaries to perform consolidation.
  • Explain and set up Business Units and the Business Unit Cards.
  • Create Dimensions in Consolidations.
  • Explain the process of exporting data from business units located in other databases.
  • Explain the processes of testing consolidation data from business units.
  • Explain and run the batch jobs used to process consolidation.
  • Explain and demonstrate the process of preparing and posting consolidation elimination entries.
  • Explain and run consolidation reports after the consolidation is completed.
  • Review the IC feature and prepare the database to complete Intercompany Postings.
  • Explain the IC Partner Card and the process of setting up an intercompany partner.
  • Assign an IC partner to a customer and/or vendor.
  • Set up the centralized IC Chart of Accounts to be used for IC transactions.
  • Set up the centralized IC dimensions to be used for IC transactions.
  • Explain the IC Outbox and IC Inbox used to transfer IC transactions.
  • Demonstrate the process of creating an IC document.
  • Explain the process of sending an IC transaction to an IC partner.
  • Explain the process of receiving and accepting an IC transaction from an IC partner.
  • Review handled incoming and outgoing IC transactions.
  • Explain the process of rejecting an IC transaction from an IC partner.
  • Explain the process of returning and canceling a rejected IC transaction from an IC partner.
  • Process IC transactions using the IC General Journal.

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  • Duration: 1 day
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