Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Native Database to Microsoft SQL Server

-Retired (no longer available)


This one-day course is designed for students preparing to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Native client to Microsoft SQL Server.  This course covers the upgrade process from preparing existing data, configuring Microsoft SQL Server, troubleshooting data issues, to validating data after upgrade. Students wishing to take this upgrade course should have Microsoft SQL Server knowledge and take Microsoft Course 80156: SQL Server Installation and Optimization for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Upgrade Toolkit and list its relevant tools.
  • Explain relevant SQL migration tools.
  • Review the Native Database Architecture.
  • Describe client and server tiers.
  • Define data types in the Native Database.
  • Describe the SQL Server architecture that is used with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Define SQL Server data types that are used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Compare the sorting differences between the SQL Server database and the Native database.
  • Describe the advantages of using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server architecture.
  • Define the hardware and software requirements of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Review additional Microsoft SQL Server configurations options.
  • Configure the SQL Server database components in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Describe security for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Describe the data types used in SQL Server.
  • Identify data that is not supported by Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Explain how incompatible data gets into the database.
  • Discuss methods of correcting incompatible data.
  • Review the necessary preparations needed for migration and the steps required to complete the SQL Migration.
  • Explain the first step of the upgrade process.
  • Describe the process of checking the data to ensure it will work in SQL Server.
  • Review the elements of the Migrate.fob file.
  • Discuss migration of the Native database into the SQL Server database.
  • Describe how to test the migrated database.

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  • Duration: 1 day
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