(Retired) Payroll - US in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Note: Course retired in DEC 2015


This course provides an in-depth view of the extensive functionality contained within the Payroll application. Besides learning the functionality, this course also explains tips and techniques that can help make an implementation successful, and gain a more thorough understanding of the Payroll application and its capabilities.
The course covers the setup of the Payroll module. It covers the setup windows that are necessary to complete to start using Payroll, and the processing of Payroll checks, including information on using Direct Deposit. It also focuses on the options available to maintain and retrieve key Payroll data. Closing periods, quarters and the year-end is also covered in this course.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use the Payroll Setup windows to customize the application to their organizational needs.
  • Understand the benefits of using employee classes.
  • Set up tax information for federal, state and local taxes for employees in Payroll.
  • Create pay codes, deduction codes, benefit codes and other employee related information used to calculate Payroll checks.
  • Assign methods to calculate vacation and sick time for employees.
  • Build and calculate checks.
  • Generate and void Payroll checks for employees.
  • Use inquiries to access Payroll information.
  • Create Payroll report options and produce desired reports.
  • Print numerous other Payroll documents such as Advice Slips, 1099Rs and others.
  • Use Direct Deposit instead of generating checks for certain employees.
  • Close periods and quarters in Payroll.
  • Close the Payroll year and prepare the system for the next year.
  • Print W-2 forms for employees.

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  • Duration: 2 days
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