Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview


This course is an overview of deploying applications and containers. Deploying Containerized Applications Technical Overview (DO080) is a series of on-demand, online videos that introduces you to Linux containers and container orchestration technology using Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


In this series of short lectures and in-depth demonstrations, you will learn about the concepts of containerization—and see it in action. Learn about containerising applications and services, testing them using Docker, and deploying them on a Kubernetes cluster using Red Hat OpenShift. You will also learn how to build and deploy an application from source code using the Source-to-Image facility of OpenShift


Introduction to containers

  • Video 1. Course introduction: overview of deploying containerized applications
  • Video 2. Overview of container architecture
  • Video 3. Overview of Docker architecture
  • Video 4. Overview Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift architecture

Deploying containerised applications (with demonstrations)

  • Video 5. Provisioning a data-base server
  • Video 6. Building custom container images with Dockerfile
  • Video 7. Creating basic Kubernetes resources
  • Video 8. Creating applications with the source-to-image (S2I) facility
  • Video 9. Creating routes
  • Video 10. Creating applications with Red Hat OpenShift web console


Anyone interested in learning the value of container technology, containerizing applications, and deploying them at scale on a Kubernetes cluster.


There are not prerequisites for this course.

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