An Introduction to Transact-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (4326)


In this 2 hour course the students will be introduced to the types ofT-SQL statements, the Transact-SQL Syntax elements and explain the SQLServer tools that make use of Transact-SQL.

Topics covered in thecourses within the course include:

  • Introduction to Transact-SQL programming language.
  • Introduction to Transact-SQL elements.
  • Using Transact-SQL Querying tools.
  • Using Books Online.

This course also helps prepare you for exam: 70-432: Microsoft SQLServer 2008, Implementation and Maintenance and 70-433: Microsoft SQLServer 2008, Database Development.

This course has the same content as the previous version in an updatedviewer with a new look and feel.



  • Describe the Transact-SQL programming language.
  • Describe the Transact-SQL elements.
  • Use Transact-SQL Querying tools.
  • Use Books Online.


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  • Code: EL-AIT-S208
  • Duration: 2 hours
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