Building Windows® Forms Applications with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 (2926)


This course will provide the student with a focused, hands-on environment to experience the new features and functionality of the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 product related to building Windows Forms applications.
Included with this course is access to the online book Windows Forms Programming in C# (Pearson) for one year.
Note: This course is designed to provide an intensive hands-on learning experience, and much of this hands-on learning takes place during the labs. Please note that the labs are available only online. You can download and work in the course offline to prepare for the online labs.



  • Develop Microsoft Windows Forms applications.
  • Use the new and enhanced features of building presentation layer applications.
  • Build data-bound forms by using the RAD data-binding features provided by Visual Studio® 2005.
  • Deploy applications by using ClickOnce Technology.


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  • Code: EL-BWFA-VS205
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: Call for price

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