Choosing Data Access Technologies and an Object Model for Microsoft® SQL Server„¢ 2005 (4350)


In this 1-hour premium course, you will learn about the various data access technologies available for retreiving data and working with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005. Topics within the course range from choosing between the different data access methods, building a data access layer, and working with Microsoft® SQL Server programatically.

Having this experience will enable you to determine the appropriate data access technologies for application developers to use for accessing and consuming data.

This course will also prepare you for exam 70-442 PRO: Designing and Optimizing Data Access by Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.



  • Describe Data Access Technologies
    • Describe Data Access Components
    • Describe Data Access Technology
  • Access Data
    • Use Legacy Technologies
    • Use SQL Native Client
    • Use ADO.NET
    • Manage Connection Strings
  • Access Distributed Data
    • Use HTTP Endpoints
    • Connect SQL Server to Other Data Stores
  • Build a Data Access Layer
    • Benefits of a Data Access Layer
    • Application Blocks for Data Access
    • Techniques for Connection Pooling
    • Monitoring ADO.NET Pooling
    • Passing Data accross Application Tiers
  • Data Access utilizing SQLCLR Objects
    • ADO.NET vs. SQLCLR Objects
    • ADO.NET In-Process Provider
    • In-Process Data Provider Extensions
    • Accessing Data from SQLCLR Objects
  • Available Data Object Models for Administering SQL Server
    • DMO Object Model
    • SMO Object Model
    • RMO Object Model
    • AMO Object Model and ASSL


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  • Duration: 1 hours
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