Creating Multithreaded Applications and Application Domains in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0(3367)


In this 2-hour course you will learn about working with threads and application domains in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0. Topics range from working with thread, thread pools, and shared resources to creating and working with AppDomains. In the lab, you will create threads and thread pools, synchronize a shared resource, and log events asynchronously.

Using threading and application domains allows you to build applications that make better use of system resources and processor time.

This course also will help you prepare for Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation.

ATTENTION: Depending on your subscription, the Virtual Labs (vLabs) for this course may not be available. If the Virtual Labs do not launch when you click the launch button, contact your company Training Administrator for more information about your subscription.



  • Managing Threads in a Synchronous Environment
    • Using the Thread class
    • Using the ThreadPool Class
  • Synchronizing Threads
    • Manage access to a shared resource
    • Using signaling classes
    • Manipulate Shared Memory Resources with Interlocked
  • Managing Threads in an Asynchronous Environment
    • Manage callback methods
    • Migrate the execution context of a thread through asynchronous calls
    • Using SynchronizationContext
  • Working with AppDomains
    • Configure an AppDomain using AppDomainSetup
    • Create an Application Domain with AppDomain
    • Retrieve Setup Information from an AppDomain
    • Load an Assembly into an AppDomain
    • Unload an AppDomain


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  • Duration: 2 hours
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