Calling Web Methods Asynchronously with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 (4262)



This 2-hour workshop explains how to call a Web method asynchronously. A method call can take a significant amount of time because of the remote location of the Web server. An asynchronous call technique is often more appropriate because it enables the application to be responsive to the user.

In the lab you will learn:

  • Using the SoapDocumentMethod attribute to create a One Way method.
  • Calling a Web service asynchronously.

As a workshop, most of your learning will take place during the extensive lab.

ATTENTION: Depending on your subscription, the Virtual Labs (vLabs) for this course may not be available. If the Virtual Labs do not launch when you click the launch button, contact your company Training Administrator for more information about your subscription.



  • Explain the use of asynchronous calls and One Way Methods.
  • Develop and call asynchronous and One Way Methods.


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  • Code: EL-CWM-AMV
  • Duration: 2 hours
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