DHTML Cross-browser Techniques (Second Edition)


In this course, you will examine the component technologies of Dynamic HTML (DHTML), define Document Object Model (DOM), compare the early DOM models to determine similarities, examine the hierarchy of a document using the W3C-standard DOM, change the style and animate elements on a Web page, modify a document structure, create the core DHTML library and add methods to a custom object, examine the real-world difficulties for creating cross-browser DHTML-enabled Web pages, clip elements, handle mouse events, and enable drag-and-drop functionality.



  • After completing this course, you will be able to
  • identify the component technologies of DHTML, define
  • Document Object Model (DOM), create dynamic images
  • that change when the mouse pointer is placed over
  • them, describe the W3C-standard DOM and use it to
  • examine the hierarchy of a document, use DOM-enabled
  • methods to change styles associated with page
  • elements, animate elements using DOM-standard
  • methods and properties, write to existing elements,
  • read and write attributes, create and delete page
  • elements using DOM-standard techniques, write a
  • constructor function that defines the DHTML-enabling
  • ActiveElement custom object, add methods to a custom
  • object, describe the prototype-based inheritance
  • model of JavaScript, add secondary methods to a
  • custom object through linked-in libraries, add
  • clipping effects through methods of the
  • ActiveElement object, enable drag-and-drop
  • functionality, create drop-down menus that are
  • enabled by events, and create auto-generating code.

Hardware and Software Required:

  • Please note that the content in the course you have selected is supported and should function without major error in current, popular browsers. However, it has not been optimized for them. Therefore, you may encounter slight formatting or functionality issues during your learning experience.


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  • Code: EL-DCBT-SE
  • Duration: 3 hours 36 minutes
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