Designing a Scalable Data Tier for Microsoft® SQL Server„¢ 2005 Database Applications(4355)



In this 1-hour premium course, you will learn about how to design a scaleable database solution in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005. Topics covered include scaling at the Database, Middle-Tier and at the front end.

Having this experience will enable you to design database applications that will scale as load increases.

This course will also prepare you for exam 70-442 PRO: Designing and Optimizing Data Access by Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.



  • Identify capacity planning strategies
    • Scale Multi-Layer Systems
    • Perform capacity planning
    • Improve Scalability
    • Monitor data access
    • Prevent data access bottlenecks
  • Minimize concurrency contention
    • Avoid Concurrency Contention
    • Improve concurrency with database snapshots
    • Improve concurrency through denormalization
  • Distribute data
    • Distribute data and requests
    • Use Log Shipping
    • Use Replication
    • Use Data Partitioning
    • Use well-defined Interfaces
  • Scale Multi-Tier Database Applications
    • Create middle-tier strategies
    • Use COM+ to build a data access layer
    • Use web services
    • Use HTTP Endpoints
  • Scale Out Front-End Systems
    • Improve applicaton availability and Scalability
    • Scale Out web front-end systems
    • Implement data access in web forms

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  • Code: EL-DSD-SS205
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Price: Call for price

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