Interoperating Between COM Components and Assemblies in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0(3364)



In this 2-hour course you will learn about interoperating managed and unmanaged code in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0. Topics range from exposing COM components to .NET and exposing .NET components to COM as well as using PInvoke to call Win32 dlls. In the lab, you will use interop to work with Microsoft Office from within a .NET Framework application.

Using interop will allow you build .NET Framework applications that harness existing COM libaries and to expose new .NET Framework components to COM applications.

This course also will help you prepare for Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation.

ATTENTION: Depending on your subscription, the Virtual Labs (vLabs) for this course may not be available. If the Virtual Labs do not launch when you click the launch button, contact your company Training Administrator for more information about your subscription.



  • Using Interop Services
    • Importing a Type Library into .NET
    • Using COM Types in Managed Code
    • Compile and Deploying Interop applications
  • Exposing an Assembly to COM
    • Making .NET Types Interoperable
    • Control Type Conversion with COM Attributes
    • Deploying interoperable assemblies
  • Accessing COM Components by Using Platform Invocation Services
    • Calling Win32 API Functions
    • Create Prototypes in Managed Code
    • Call COM Functions from managed code
    • Mapping exceptions to HRESULT
    • How pinvoke marshals data
    • Control data marshalling with Marshal and MarshalAsAttribute


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  • Code: EL-IBC-CAM
  • Duration: 2 hours
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