Intermediate COBOL


In this course, you will explore how to create record descriptions from a syntactical view with special emphasis on special usages like COMPUTATIONAL and PACKED-DECIMAL. The uses for tables and arrays are introduced, including the use of formal index variables and the SEARCH command. More COBOL Techniques, includes information about comment and debug lines, as well as additional statements like MOVE CORRESPONDING, STRING, and COMPUTE are examined. Advanced use of the Sort/Merge facility, including the use of input and output procedures, is covered. Methodology for using COBOL prepacked functions, passing arguments, and return values is presented. Finally, the last unit shows how a project may be developed using a series of subprograms. It deals with calling subprograms and passing/returning parameters.



  • After completing this course, you will be able to describe the name and purpose of all sections in the DATA DIVISION, utilize all major clauses and usages like COMPUTATIONAL and PACKED-DECIMAL in the declaration of a data definition item, utilize PICTURE characters to create alpha, alphanumeric, numeric, and edited data items, employ simple and multidimensional tables, use a formal table index, as well as the SET and SEARCH statements, create comment and debugging lines. Continue statements across source code records, describe and use statements like COMPUTE, STRING and ALTER, utilize inner and outer PERFORM statements, understand the large number of COBOL functions available and how to call them, and perform interprogram communication by calling subprograms.

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