Java 2: Using IBM VisualAge to Create Java Applications

Course Prerequisites:

  • Java 2: Programming Language
  • SQL: Fundamentals of Querying


In this course you will examine the foundations of building applications and applets using VisualAge. You will examine the essential SmartGuides and the options available in the Visual Composition Editor. You will explore event-response programming and connections. You will examine reusable form fragments and advanced swing techniques. You will examine how to use JDBC and visual components to access databases.



  • After completing this course you will be able to create applications and applets in VisualAge, use many of the VisualAge SmartGuides, navigate through the VisualAge environment, use VisualAge's debugger, use the Visual Composition Editor to create GUI-rich visual applications, and use connections to specify event handling and property-to-property connections. You will be able to create reusable, "visible" form fragment beans and create new "invisible" beans that have events and properties. You will be able to access databases using the Java JDBC libraries, and access databases using specialized database beans.

Hardware and Software Required:

  • Please note that the content in the course you have selected is supported and should function without major error in current, popular browsers. However, it has not been optimized for them. Therefore, you may encounter slight formatting or functionality issues during your learning experience.


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Course Info

  • Code: EL-JAVA2-UIVCJ
  • Duration: 17 hours 38 minutes
  • Price: Call for price

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