Java„˘ SE Application Development: Designing a Graphical User Interface WJ-2852-SE6 (Sun) v2.0


The Java(TM) SE Application Development: Designing a Graphical User Interface course provides students with practical experience in designing a vertical solution for a distributed, multi-tier application. Students use graphical user interface (GUI) design principles to code a functional Java application that interacts with a networked database server. The blended approach of designing and developing programs for applications has been clearly emphasized in this course. New features that blend with the special IDE GUI building capabilities, such as Matisse, are covered. The course features the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6) technology and utilizes the Java SE Development Kit 6 (JDK(TM) 6) product. The students perform the course lab exercises using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 5.5.



  • Apply Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern to create reusable classes
  • Implement unit testing using JUnit
  • Implement a program from the ground up that could be used in a commercial intranet application
  • Develop classes to connect programs to Structured Query Language (SQL) database systems using the core aspects of the Java(TM) Database Connectivity (JDBC(TM)) application programming interface (API)
  • Organize and set up the GUI generation and event handling to support a Java technology project
  • Implement the Logging API to generate log messages in the GUI


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  • Code: EL-JSAD-DGI
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: Call for price

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