Modeling a Database at the Logical Level with Microsoft® SQL Server„¢ 2005(3301)


In this 2-hour premium course you will learn about how to logically model a database. Topics range from working with Primary, Natural and Surrogate Keys to designing for OLTP and Data Warehousing.

Applying the guidelines learned within this course will allow you to design databases that are optimized for your organization's data retrieval and update needs.

This course will also prepare you for exam 70-441 PRO: Designing Database Solutions by Using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005.



  • Build a Logical Database Model
    • Transform a Conceptual Model into a Logical Model
    • Work with Entities and Attributes
    • Use Surrogate Keys and Natural Keys
    • Identify Primary Keys
    • Finalize the Logical Model
  • Design for OLTP Activity
    • Identify Functional Dependencies
    • Explain Objectives of data normalization
    • Identify forms of normalization
    • Achieve a normalized design
  • Designing for Data Warehousing
    • Use Star or Snowflake Schema
    • Use Fact Tables
    • Use Dimensions
  • Evaluating Logical Models
    • Analyze an Existing Logical Model
    • Identify Problems with a Logical Model


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  • Code: EL-MDLL-SQL
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Call for price

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