T1/T3, DS1/DS3 Networking and Troubleshooting


In this course, you will examine the definitions, characteristics, transmission media, and history of T1 and T3 circuits and how they contrast with DS1/DS3s. You will explore the fundamentals, advantages, and disadvantages of TDM, and describe frame formation to include SF and ESF, as well as the basic concepts of line encoding used in T1/T3 signaling. You will explore how to deploy T3/DS3 transmission systems, including the formation of DS2 and DS3, line encoding, and bit robbing. You will examine test equipment and troubleshooting techniques associated with T1 systems. In addition, you will explore an in-depth review of the history of telecommunications in the U.S. and the organizations and initiatives that influence this field.


  • After completing this tutorial you will be able to define and state the data rates of T1 and T3. You will also be able to differentiate the terms T3 and DS3.

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  • Duration: 17 hours 36 minutes
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