Visual C++ 6.0: Desktop Application Development with MFC



In this course, you will explore the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library and the Visual C++ IDE (Integrated Development Environment). You will create the standard MFC Application Architectures, use the Graphical Output features of MFC, explore Message Maps, Message Handlers, and Command Routing, and add standard User Interface Elements to an MFC Application. You will also create Modal and Modeless Dialog Boxes for user interaction, implement Exception Handling, and use MFC Debugging Support and Visual C++ Debugging Tools. Finally, you will add Data Access Services with MFC, build and use MFC-based ActiveX Controls, develop Internet applications with MFC, add Persistence using MFC Serialization Support, create multithreaded MFC Applications, and implement regular and extension MFC DLLs.



  • After completing this tutorial you will be able to list the four basic services provided by the MFC class CObject, and name the two virtual methods that CObject's debug support provides that you may override.

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  • Code: EL-V6-DAD
  • Duration: 17 hours 44 minutes
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