VBScript: Introduction


In this course, you will examine how to use VBScript, transform Web pages from static text and images into functional, interactive, and dynamic e-commerce tools. You will be introduced on how to embed VBScript code in an HTML document; define variables, name them appropriately, and demonstrate implicit and explicit declarations of variables.You will also be exposed on how to use the four types of VBScript operators and produce specific results by demonstrating their precedence; write code that makes decisions based on existing conditions, using control structures and loops; enable communication with a Web page visitor using Message and Input boxes; and use the DOM to control the layout of HTML pages, add effects, and get information from users.



  • After completing this tutorial you will be able to determine why VBScript is quickly becoming a popular scripting language among Web developers and explore the brief but dynamic history of Visual Basic.

Hardware and Software Required:

  • Please note that the content in the course you have selected is supported and should function without major error in current, popular browsers. However, it has not been optimized for them. Therefore, you may encounter slight formatting or functionality issues during your learning experience.


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  • Code: EL-VBS-IN
  • Duration: 7 hours 3 minutes
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