Working with GDI+ in Windows®-based Applications in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0(3361)


In this 2-hour course you will learn about how to use GDI+ from within the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0. Topics range from drawing graphic objects to working with images, bitmaps, and icons. In the lab, you will use GDI+ to create graphics, text, and point structures within a Windows Form.

Working with GDI+ allows you to design rich graphical interfaces within your .NET Foundation 2.0 applications as well as to manage images of various formats.

This course also will help you prepare for Exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0—Application Development Foundation.Implementing Code Access Security in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0



  • Working with Graphics, Brushes, Pens, Colors, and Fonts
    • What Is Graphics Design Interface (GDI+)?
    • Create a drawing surface with Graphics
    • Use Pen to draw Lines
    • Use Brush to fill
    • Apply colors with Color types
    • Write text using Font classes
  • Manipulate Shapes and Sizes
    • Draw Graphical Shapes with Rectangle
    • Specify size with Point and Size types
  • Work with Images, Bitmaps, and Icons
    • Add images using Image and Bitmap
    • Insert icons using Icon


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  • Code: EL-WGDI-WB
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Call for price

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