XML: An Introduction (Second Edition)


In this course you will examine the process of writing well-formed XML code. You will also examine the process of writing XML with DTDs and schemas.



  • After completing this tutorial you will be able to explain the difficulties faced by SGML while transporting documents between applications and platforms. You will be able to explain SGML's power and its limitations. You will also be able to explain the weakness of HTML in handling complex data since the use of tags are very much limited.

Hardware and Software Required:

  • Please note that the content in the course you have selected is supported and should function without major error in current, popular browsers. However, it has not been optimized for them. Therefore, you may encounter slight formatting or functionality issues during your learning experience.


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  • Code: EL-XML-INSE
  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Price: Call for price

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