EXCEL 2007 Level 2 (Powerful spreadsheet techniques and data manipulation)

Course Description

Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 2 is the second of a 3-Level study program for Microsoft Excel 2007. This level extends the learner's basic knowledge of Excel and provides the learner with skills and knowledge to produce more effective and productive workbooks. It covers formulas and function techniques, more intricate formatting, setting complex printing options, using intricate charting features, and working more effectively with existing worksheets and workbooks.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Level 2 assumes the learner has the skills and knowledge required to create, edit, print and chart simple worksheets. Understanding ranges and the copying process is important.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • work within the basic Excel environment
  • use the fill operations available to fill a data series
  • move the contents of cells and ranges within and between workbooks
  • use a range of formula techniques
  • use a range of logical functions
  • apply a range of number formatting techniques to data
  • apply conditional formatting to ranges in a worksheet
  • apply borders to cells and ranges
  • work with various elements of a worksheet
  • use a range of techniques to work with worksheets
  • use a range of find and replace techniques
  • apply a variety of page setup techniques
  • sort data in a list in a worksheet
  • filter data in a table
  • use a range of techniques to enhance charts
  • apply formatting techniques to text on charts

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