Enterprise Service Bus Deployment with Red Hat JBoss Fuse


Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Deployment with Red Hat JBoss Fuse is a hands-on course that gives System Administrators and Java developers an understanding of Red Hat JBoss Fuse, a commercially supported distribution of Apache ServiceMix.


Attendees will learn the skills required to manage, deploy, and customise Red Hat JBoss Fuse and develop the core concepts of OSGi-based application using Red Hat JBoss Fuse's features, including:

  • bundle management
  • server management
  • deployment via Fuse Fabric, Hawt.io, and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.


  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse architecture
  • fundamental OSGi concepts and usages
  • bundles: structure, tooling, and deployment
  • JBoss Fuse command line interface administration and management
  • JBoss Fuse security using the Java Authentication and Authorisation Service (JAAS)
  • enterprise management via Fabric, using CLI and Hawt.io management interface.


Red Hat JBoss Fuse administrators and developers who need to learn how to install, configure, manage and deploy OSGi-compliant applications.


  • Java EE application server administration knowledge
  • experience with tools such as Maven or Ant
  • basic Camel knowledge.

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