MARS Excel 2007 Essentials - Basics

Getting To Know Excel

  • starting Excel
  • the Excel screen
  • using The Ribbon
  • using KeyTip badges
  • minimising The Ribbon
  • using shortcut menus
  • Understanding Dialog Boxes
  • launching dialog boxes
  • understanding the Quick Access Toolbar
  • adding commands to the QAT
  • understanding the status bar
  • understanding the Backstage View
  • exiting safely from Excel.

Working With Workbooks

  • opening an existing workbook
  • navigating a workbook
  • navigating using the keyboard
  • using go to
  • the open dialog box.

Selecting Ranges

  • understanding cells And ranges
  • selecting contiguous ranges
  • selecting non-contiguous ranges
  • using special selection techniques
  • selecting larger ranges
  • selecting rows
  • selecting columns
  • viewing range calculations
  • creating an input range.

Editing In A Workbook

  • understanding data editing
  • overwriting cells contents
  • editing longer cells
  • editing formulas
  • clearing cells
  • deleting data in a cell
  • using undo and redo.

Formulas And Functions

  • understanding formulas
  • creating formulas that add
  • creating formulas that subtract
  • formulas that multiply and divide
  • understanding functions
  • using the SUM function to add
  • summing non-contiguous ranges
  • calculating an average
  • finding a maximum value
  • finding a minimum value
  • more complex formulas
  • what if formulas.

Copying Data

  • understanding copying in Excel
  • using fill for quick copying
  • copying from cell to another
  • copying from one cell to a range
  • copying from one range to another
  • copying relative formulas
  • copying to a non-contiguous range
  • copying to another worksheet.

Moving Data

  • understanding moving in Excel
  • moving cells and ranges
  • moving data to other worksheets
  • moving data to other workbooks.


  • Understanding Printing
  • Previewing Before You Print
  • Selecting a Printer
  • Printing A Range
  • Printing An Entire Workbook
  • Specifying the Number of Copies
  • The Print Dialog Box.

On-Site Training

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