MARS Excel 2007 Essentials - Formatting

Font Formatting

  • understanding font formatting
  • working with live preview
  • changing fonts
  • changing font size
  • growing and shrinking fonts
  • making cells bold
  • italicising text
  • underlining text
  • changing font colours
  • changing background colours
  • using the format painter
  • applying strike through
  • subscripting text
  • superscripting text.

Number Formatting

  • understanding number formatting
  • applying general formatting
  • formatting as currency
  • formatting percentages
  • formatting as dates
  • using the thousands separator
  • increasing and decreasing decimals.

Applying Borders

  • understanding borders
  • applying a border to a cell
  • applying a border to a range
  • applying a bottom border
  • applying top and bottom borders
  • removing borders
  • the more borders option
  • using the more borders option.

Cell Alignment

  • understanding cell alignment
  • aligning right
  • aligning to the centre
  • aligning left
  • aligning top
  • aligning bottom
  • aligning to the middle
  • rotating text
  • indenting cells
  • wrapping and merging text
  • merging and centring
  • merging cells
  • unmerging cells.

Row And Column Formatting

  • approximating column widths
  • setting precise column widths
  • setting the default column width
  • approximating row height
  • setting precise row heights
  • hiding rows and columns
  • unhiding rows and columns.

Working With A Worksheet

  • understanding worksheets
  • changing worksheet views
  • worksheet zooming
  • viewing the formula bar
  • viewing the gridlines
  • viewing the ruler
  • inserting cells
  • deleting cells
  • inserting columns
  • inserting rows
  • deleting rows and columns
  • switching between worksheets.

Creating Charts

  • understanding the charting process
  • choosing the chart type
  • creating a new chart
  • working with an embedded Chart
  • resizing a chart
  • dragging a chart
  • printing an embedded chart
  • creating a chart sheet
  • changing the chart type
  • changing the chart layout
  • changing the chart style
  • printing a chart sheet
  • embedding a chart into a worksheet
  • deleting a chart.

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