MARS Excel 2007 Advanced - Functions and Charts

Formula Referencing

  • absolute versus relative
  • referencing
  • relative formulas
  • problems with relative formulas
  • creating absolute references
  • creating mixed references.

Data Linking

  • understanding data linking
  • linking between worksheets
  • linking between workbooks
  • updating links beween workbooks.

Logical Functions

  • understanding logical functions
  • using IF to Display text
  • using IF to calculate values
  • nesting IF functions
  • using IFERROR
  • using TRUE and FALSE
  • using AND
  • using OR
  • using NOT.

Conditional Formatting

  • understanding conditional
  • formatting
  • formatting cells containing
  • values
  • clearing conditional formatting
  • more cell formatting options
  • top ten items
  • more top and bottom
  • formatting options
  • working With data bars
  • working with colour scales
  • working with icon sets.

Charting Techniques

  • understanding chart layout elements
  • adding a chart title
  • adding axes titles
  • positioning the legend
  • showing data labels
  • showing a data table
  • modifying the axes
  • showing grid-lines
  • formatting the plot area
  • adding a trendline
  • adding error bars
  • adding a text box to a chart.

Chart Object Formatting

  • understanding object chart formatting
  • selecting chart elements
  • using shape styles to format objects
  • changing column colour
  • changing pie slice colour
  • changing bar colours
  • changing chart line colours
  • using shape effects
  • filling the chart area and the plot area
  • filling the background
  • the format dialog box
  • using the format dialog box
  • using themes.

Pivot Tables

  • understanding pivot tables
  • creating a PivotTable Shell
  • dropping fields into a PivotTable
  • filtering a PivotTable report
  • clearing a report filter
  • switching PivotTable labels
  • formatting A PivotTable report.


  • creating a PivotChart Shell
  • dragging fields for the PivotChart
  • changing the PivotChart type
  • using the PivotChart filter Field Pane
  • moving PivotCharts to ChartSheets

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