MARS Excel 2007 Expert - Analysing Data


  • understanding scenarios
  • creating a default scenario
  • creating scenarios
  • using names in scenarios
  • displaying scenarios
  • creating a scenario summary report
  • merging scenarios.

Data Tables

  • data tables and what-if models
  • using a simple what-if model
  • creating a one-variable table
  • using one-variable data tables
  • creating a two-variable data table.

Statistical Functions

  • understanding statistical functions
  • status bar statistics
  • using COUNT and COUNTA
  • using COUNTBLANK
  • using COUNTIF
  • Using MODE
  • using MEDIAN
  • using LARGE And SMALL
  • using STDEV
  • using VAR.

Lookup Functions

  • understanding data lookup functions
  • using CHOOSE
  • using VLOOKUP
  • using VLOOKUP for exact matches
  • using HLOOKUP
  • using INDEX
  • using MATCH
  • understanding reference functions using ROW and ROWS
  • using COLUMN and COLUMNS
  • using ADDRESS
  • using INDIRECT
  • using OFFSET.

Financial Functions

  • understanding financial functions
  • using PMT
  • using FV
  • using NPV
  • using PV
  • using RATE
  • using EFFECT
  • using NOMINAL.

Date And Time Functions

  • understanding date and time functions
  • using NOW
  • using HOUR and MINUTE
  • using TODAY
  • calculating future dates
  • using DATE
  • using calendaring functions
  • using WEEKDAY
  • using WEEKNUM
  • using WORKDAY
  • using EOMONTH.

Summarising And Subtotalling

  • creating subtotals
  • using a sub-totalled worksheet
  • creating nested sub-totals
  • copying sub-totals
  • using sub-totals with AutoFilter
  • installing the conditional sum wizard
  • using the conditional sum wizard
  • creating relative names for sub-totals
  • using relative names for sub-totals.

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