MARS Word 2007 Essentials - Fonts and Pages

Font Formatting

  • understand font formatting
  • working with live preview
  • changing fonts
  • changing font size
  • growing and shrinking fonts
  • making text bold
  • italicising text
  • underlining text
  • applying strike-through
  • sub-scripting text
  • super-scripting text
  • highlighting text
  • changing case
  • changing text colour
  • using the format painter
  • clearing font formatting.

Paragraph Formatting

  • understanding paragraph formatting
  • text alignments
  • changing text alignments
  • changing line spacing
  • changing paragraph spacing
  • indenting paragraphs
  • outdenting paragraphs
  • starting a bulleted list
  • adding bullets to existing paragraphs
  • removing existing bullets
  • starting a numbered list
  • numbering existing paragraphs
  • removing existing numbers
  • shading paragraphs
  • applying borders to paragraphs.

Formatting Techniques

  • creating first line indents
  • creating hanging indents
  • inserting right indents
  • understanding pagination
  • widow and orphan control
  • keeping with next
  • keeping lines together
  • page break before
  • hyphenation
  • hiding text
  • creating and using drop caps
  • understanding returns
  • inserting returns
  • removing returns
  • format revealing.

Page Layout

  • changing page margins
  • setting custom margins
  • changing page orientation
  • changing paper sizing
  • inserting a page break
  • removing page breaks
  • inserting page numbers
  • formatting page numbers
  • removing page numbers.

Page Techniques

  • inserting a cover page
  • inserting a blank cover page
  • adding a watermark
  • creating a custom watermark
  • removing a watermark
  • applying page colours
  • applying page borders
  • applying partial page borders.

Multiple Documents

  • opening multiple documents
  • switching between open documents
  • arranging all
  • viewing side by side
  • synchronised scrolling
  • synchronous scrolling
  • resetting the window position
  • viewing one or two pages
  • viewing page width
  • viewing 100 per cent
  • splitting the window
  • opening a new window
  • viewing grid-lines
  • the document map
  • thumbnails.

Getting Help

  • understanding how help works
  • accessing the help window
  • browsing for help
  • returning to the home page
  • using the table of contents
  • searching using keywords
  • disconnecting online help
  • printing a help topic
  • working with screen tips
  • dialog box help
  • other sources of help.

On-Site Training

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