MARS Word 2007 Advanced - Lists, Tabs and Tables


  • understanding lists
  • using the bullet library
  • defining a new bullet
  • modifying a bullet definition
  • using the numbering library
  • defining a new number format
  • modifying a number format
  • setting the numbering value
  • understanding multi-level lists
  • using the multi-level list library
  • changing a list level
  • understanding multi-level list definitions
  • defining a new multi-level list
  • defining a new list style
  • modifying a list style.


  • using default tabs
  • setting tabs on the ruler
  • modifying tabs on the ruler
  • using the tabs dialog box
  • tab leaders
  • bar Tabs
  • setting varied tabs
  • removing tabs.


  • understanding tables
  • creating a table
  • adding data to a table
  • selecting in tables
  • selecting using the mouse
  • inserting columns and rows
  • deleting columns and rows
  • changing column widths
  • changing row heights
  • auto-fitting columns
  • shading cells
  • modifying borders
  • modifying border styles
  • choosing a table style.

Table Features

  • creating a table from text
  • changing cell alignments
  • creating formulas
  • updating calculations
  • sorting table data
  • merging table cells
  • splitting table cells
  • viewing table grid-lines
  • table properties
  • table alignment
  • changing text direction
  • repeating header rows
  • converting a table to text.

Section Breaks

  • understanding sections
  • inserting a next page break
  • inserting a continuous break
  • inserting an even page break
  • inserting an odd page break.

Headers And Footers

  • understanding headers and footers
  • quick headers and footers
  • creating a blank header
  • creating a blank footer
  • switching between Headers And Footers
  • Editing Headers and footers
  • adding page numbering
  • adding date information
  • adding document information
  • formatting headers and footers.

Header And Footer Techniques

  • headers and footers in longer documents
  • header and footer positions
  • different first page
  • different odd and even pages
  • creating section headers and footers
  • linking section headers and footers.

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