MARS Word 2007 Advanced - Themes and Styles


  • understanding styles
  • applying paragraph styles
  • applying character styles
  • creating a quick style
  • creating a paragraph style
  • creating a character style
  • applying custom styles.


  • understanding themes
  • applying a theme
  • modifying theme colours
  • modifying theme fonts
  • saving a custom theme
  • downloading and installing a theme
  • applying a theme to a template
  • resetting a theme.


  • understanding templates
  • using a sample template
  • downloading an online template
  • creating a template
  • modifying a template using a custom template
  • attaching a template to a document
  • copying styles between templates
  • creating a template from a template
  • tips for developing templates.


  • understanding pictures
  • inserting a picture
  • changing the picture
  • removing a picture background
  • correcting pictures
  • changing picture colouring
  • applying artistic effects
  • changing picture styles
  • changing picture effects
  • repositioning pictures
  • the picture format short cut menu
  • changing the picture layout.

Working With Illustrations

  • understanding illustrations
  • positioning illustrations
  • text wrap and illustrations
  • rotating an illustration
  • images and 3D rotation
  • cropping an illustration
  • selecting multiple images
  • changing the order of images
  • aligning images
  • grouping multiple images
  • editing an image.

Text Boxes

  • understanding text boxes
  • using pre-formatted text boxes
  • typing into a text box
  • positioning a text box
  • moving a text box
  • resizing a text box using the Ribbon
  • resizing a text box using the dialog box
  • resizing a text box using the mouse
  • deleting a text box
  • applying a text box style.


  • understanding WordArt
  • applying WordArt
  • positioning WordArt
  • editing WordArt text
  • formatting WordArt text
  • applying text effects
  • deleting WordArt.


  • understanding SmartArt
  • creating an organisation chart
  • typing text using the text pane
  • adding peers
  • adding subordinates
  • adding an assistant
  • promoting and demoting
  • switching right to left
  • positioning SmartArt
  • resizing SmartArt using the Ribbon
  • resizing SmartArt using the mouse
  • text wrapping around SmartArt
  • changing the layout
  • changing colours
  • changing SmartArt styles
  • deleting a shape from SmartArt.

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