MARS Word 2007 Expert - Page Techniques

Table Of Contents

  • understanding a table of contents
  • using a built in table of contents
  • navigating using a table of contents
  • updating page numbers only
  • updating the entire table
  • marking a paragraph for inclusion
  • removing a table of contents
  • using the table of contents dialog box
  • changing the style of the table of contents
  • formatting text in a table of contents
  • the table of contents dialog box
  • steps for inserting a table of contents.


  • creating bookmarks
  • going to a bookmark
  • deleting bookmarks
  • understanding bookmarks


  • understanding indexing
  • marking index entries
  • creating an AutoMark file
  • using an AutoMark file
  • deleting unwanted index entries
  • creating an index
  • modifying an index
  • updating an index.

Footnotes And Endnotes

  • creating footnotes in a document
  • finding footnotes
  • showing the notes
  • modifying footnotes
  • deleting footnotes
  • creating endnotes
  • finding endnotes
  • modifying endnotes
  • deleting endnotes
  • changing the number schema
  • converting footnotes and endnotes
  • footnotes and endnotes
  • the footnote and endnote dialog box.

Building Blocks

  • understanding building blocks
  • using the building blocks organiser
  • creating quick parts
  • saving building blocks
  • using quick parts
  • editing quick parts
  • deleting quick parts
  • creating template specific building blocks
  • AutoText versus quick parts.


  • understanding AutoText
  • creating AutoText
  • saving AutoText
  • using AutoText
  • editing AutoText entries
  • deleting AutoText entries
  • creating template specific AutoText.


  • understanding field codes
  • using document information fields
  • showing and hiding field codes
  • seeing fields in a document
  • using formula fields
  • converting fields to text
  • updating fields when printing
  • printing field codes
  • locking and unlocking fields
  • using format switches
  • useful field examples
  • the field dialog box
  • fields glossary I
  • fields glossary II
  • fields glossary III
  • fields glossary IV.

Interactive Fields

  • understanding interactive fields
  • using FILLIN
  • typing fields directly into a document
  • activating interactive fields
  • inserting ASK
  • using REF to display bookmarks
  • activating fields automatically.

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