MARS Word 2007 Expert - Document Mastering

Master Documents

  • understanding master documents
  • creating a master document
  • creating sub-documents
  • working with master documents
  • inserting sub-documents
  • formatting a master document
  • editing sub-documents
  • merging sub-documents
  • splitting sub-documents
  • deleting sub-documents
  • building a table of contents
  • printing a master document
  • why master documents are misunderstood.

 Document Commenting

  • highlighting text
  • finding highlighted text
  • inserting comments
  • working with comments
  • printing comments.

 Tracking Changes

  • understanding tracking changes
  • turning tracking on and off
  • setting tracking options
  • showing revisions in balloons
  • showing revisions inline
  • switching between final and revision
  • specifying what to show
  • displaying the reviewing pane
  • accepting changes
  • rejecting changes.

Comparing Documents

  • understanding document comparison
  • selecting documents to compare
  • accepting and rejecting changes
  • saving the revised document.

Protecting Documents

  • understanding document protection
  • making a document read only
  • working with a read only document
  • restricting formatting
  • using a document with restricted formatting
  • restricting editing
  • making exceptions
  • stopping protection.

 Electronic Forms

  • understanding electronic forms in Word
  • creating a structure for the form
  • understanding content controls
  • displaying the developer tab
  • adding text controls
  • using the date picker control
  • adding numeric controls
  • adding formulas
  • adding a combo box
  • adding a drop-down list
  • protecting and saving the form
  • using an electronic form
  • editing the form
  • deleting a content control.


  • understanding Word macros
  • setting macro security
  • saving a document as macro enabled
  • recording a simple macro
  • running a macro
  • assigning a macro to the toolbar
  • assigning a keyboard shortcut to a macro
  • editing a macro
  • deleting a macro
  • creating a MacroButton field
  • copying a macro
  • tips for developing macros.

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