MARS Outlook 2007 Essentials - Contacts and Calendars

Email Concepts

  • email addresses
  • the benefits of email spamming
  • email etiquette
  • digital signatures
  • digital signatures.

Outlook 2007 Basics

  • understanding Outlook 2007
  • starting Outlook
  • common Outlook 2007 screen elements
  • going to Outlook features
  • navigating to Outlook features
  • the navigation pane
  • the to-do bar
  • the mail screen
  • the calendar screen
  • the contacts screen
  • the tasks screen
  • the notes screen
  • understanding email
  • the Outlook today screen 
  • exiting Outlook.

Sending Email

  • email in Outlook
  • how Outlook mail works
  • composing an email message
  • the message window
  • creating a new message
  • checking the spelling
  • adding an attachment to a message
  • adding importance requesting message receipts
  • sending the message
  • creating an auto signature
  • using an auto signature
  • removing an auto signature
  • sending a courtesy copy
  • sending a blind copy.

Receiving Email

  • understanding the inbox
  • accessing the inbox
  • retrieving email
  • opening an Outlook data file
  • adjusting the message view
  • viewing messages in groups
  • reading messages
  • opening several messages
  • navigating within a message
  • finding related messages
  • replying to a message
  • replying to all messages
  • replying without the original message
  • adding comments to replies
  • getting replies sent to another address
  • forwarding messages
  • marking messages as unread.

Working With Attachments

  • understanding message attachments
  • inserting a file attachment
  • attaching other Outlook items
  • previewing attachments
  • saving a message attachment
  • opening a message attachment.

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