MARS Outlook 2007 Advanced - Tasks

Email Techniques

  • effective email management
  • recalling a sent message
  • printing a message
  • printing a message list
  • message formats
  • changing the message format
  • choosing themes or stationery
  • applying a theme or stationery to a message
  • turning themes or stationery off
  • applying an Office theme
  • saving a message draft
  • using a saved message
  • sending a voting message
  • responding to a voting message
  • tracking voting responses
  • configuring send and receive.


  • viewing tasks
  • creating simple tasks
  • typing tasks directly
  • changing task views
  • sorting tasks
  • completing tasks
  • deleting tasks
  • printing a task list.

Task Requests

  • how task requests work
  • creating a task request
  • responding to a task request
  • completing an assigned task
  • viewing updated task requests.

Appointments And Events

  • using a specific calendar
  • scheduling an appointment using click to add
  • scheduling using the appointment window
  • rescheduling an appointment to another day
  • rescheduling an appointment to another time
  • creating recurring appointments
  • changing recurring appointments
  • scheduling an event
  • scheduling free and busy times
  • categorising activities
  • printing your calendar
  • deleting activities.

Scheduling Meetings

  • scheduling a meeting
  • about meeting response options
  • responding to meeting requests
  • tracking meeting responses
  • changing a meeting
  • adding or removing attendees
  • preventing responses
  • cancelling a meeting
  • the scheduling assistant
  • using the scheduling assistant
  • viewing calendars using group schedules
  • saving a calendar as a web page.

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